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I have a new love, and it goes by the name of Zapier.

For those of you that don’t know what I’m talking about, Zapier is an online automation tool that allows you to connect the apps you use on a daily basis to automate your tasks and save you time.

There are endless ways to integrate Zapier into your sales life to simplify and automate systems. At Spiro, we think salespeople should focus on selling, not time consuming tasks like data entry. Therefore we have Zaps set up to help save time getting information into their CRM, and then also getting information out.

To help get you start thinking of how you can use Zapier, here are the ways we currently use – and love – Zapier at Spiro.

Getting Information into Spiro

1. If our Spiro customers get a lead from Facebook (or other websites), there is a Zap that seamlessly plugs that lead’s contact information into their Spiro CRM. The easiest way to turn your contacts into leads is to first get all of them in one place, so you can swiftly take action. Now, with all of your contacts’ information in one place, you can rest assured that no leads or contacts will fall through the cracks.

2. After a networking event, you’re normally left with a stack of business cards. We set up a Zap that easily connects Full Contact with Spiro. You just scan a person’s business card into Full Contact and it adds all the information into Spiro as a new contact. This cuts down on the tedious task of manually transferring new prospects into your CRM.

3. With Zapier, you can easily sync your google contacts up with Spiro. Whenever you add a new Google Contact, a matching person will be created in Spiro, saving you the hassle of ever exporting them again. We also have a Zap that syncs Office 365 and Microsoft Dynamics contacts into Spiro as well.

4. If a prospect fills out a form on your website, you can have all of that information automatically input into Spiro. This integration makes it a breeze to seamlessly turn form entries into a new sales opportunity.

5. Want to create a new opportunity in Spiro when you get a new Mailchimp subscriber? Now you can with this Spiro Mailchimp integration. Zapier will automatically take new subscribers, add them to the list of your choice, and create a new Spiro opportunity from this information.

Getting Information out of Spiro

6. As a prospect goes through the sales cycle, you’ll want to keep the process moving as quickly and easily as possible. To help with this, you can automate time-consuming stages, like getting signatures, by using a Zap. This Zap automatically sends your client a HelloSign signature request for them to sign a proposal when they enter that sales stage, helping your deal move forward faster.

7. When you win a deal, you want to announce the good news with your team. We have a Zap to integrate Spiro and Slack, so that when a deal is marked as closed/won in Spiro, a new Slack message is automatically created and sent to your team.

8. Many of our Spiro users run email campaigns through Mailchimp. They may want to keep their current customers aware of the latest company news. You can use this Zap to have your Spiro contacts added to a Mailchimp email automation when their sales stage changes to a preset value. This keeps you in touch with your customers, and saves time exporting and importing lists into Mailchimp.

9. To help make the customer experience even better, you can use Zapier to ease the flow for customers between your Sales team and Customer Success team. When you set a reminder to set up a new customer, this Zap will then connect with ZenDesk or Help Scout and create a ticket for your Customer Success team to follow-up with this new client.

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Andy Levi is the co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of Spiro Technologies. Andy is a technologist with a background in sales and was originally from Venezuela although many people can’t place his accent. He focused on CRM technologies for the past 20 years and built mission critical applications used by over 100,000 sales people.

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