Giving AI More Than the (Factory) Floor

For a while now, manufacturers have been investing into getting AI on to the factory floor. After all, it can make products better, reduce risk, and eliminate the vast majority of human error. But the manufacturing industry hasn’t yet realized what AI can do for the front office.

It’s time to give AI the floor and let it help your sales teams. Don’t worry, AI isn’t here to take jobs away. It’s here to help us be more effective and efficient.

AI can pore over the mountains of data in your systems and tell you what’s important to pay attention to. It can surface activities that haven’t happened yet but should, like when there are fulfillment delays.

AI can be the ace up your sleeve if you let it do what it does best: take the manual, repetitive, time-consuming tasks off your teams’ plates. Then, they can focus on the more important, time-sensitive and value-added activities that are far more impactful to your business.

Want to read more? Our CEO Adam Honig digs into this more in his Forbes Technology Council piece, “Want Efficiency? Move AI From The Factory Floor Into The Front Office.”