Spiro Leverages OpenAI to Summarize Calls and Draft Recap Emails

Spiro has added more AI-generated content into its sales platform, with even more planned for next year. This AI content generator, coupled with the ability of Spiro’s AI Engine to automatically collect customer data and then proactively alert next best actions, now provides manufacturers and distributors with an even more dynamic platform that enables external-facing teams to work in more efficient, meaningful ways.

The Spiro AI Engine automatically collects data from all customer communications, and then provides an AI-generated transcription of calls for each customer and individual contact. With this new release, Spiro’s AI Engine now generates a call summary in order to provide fast, concise, relevant updates.

Spiro’s platform also now drafts an email based on the call, which an account manager can quickly send to their customer to recap their conversation and capture next steps.

For this release, Spiro is leveraging OpenAI’s GTP-3’s advanced AI features.