Spiro Now Provides AI-driven Alerts from Prospecting Through Fulfillment

Spiro has extended its AI-driven CRM to provide companies who make, move, or sell physical products with a single platform to manage customer relationships. After months of a controlled roll-out to customers, Spiro is announcing the broad availability of the company’s first six Modules: Quotes, Tickets, Order Visibility, Marketing Visibility, Territory Management, and Fulfillment.

Right now, the biggest challenge for companies in the supply chain is prioritizing their efforts for the biggest impact, and ensuring their customer relationships are strong. Manufacturers, wholesalers, and distributors need a one-stop customer platform to see every interaction with every customer, quickly and easily. Our AI Engine unifies the information from across the company to provide this 360-degree visibility, and then also proactively alerts employees to actions that should take place, but haven’t.

With the addition of Spiro’s Modules, our customers can now measure the ROI of marketing campaigns, manage lead distribution by territory and ensure follow up, incorporate product-level information into forecasts, easily send quotes from within the platform, track an order’s status through fulfillment, and even manage support tickets.

Here’s a sample dashboard showing order information: