Artificial intelligence or “AI” is all around us, and the most successful sales teams are using artificial intelligence rather than living in fear of it.

AI can be described as giving a computer program or machine the ability to think and learn. It is almost like giving machines and computers a human brain, which turns them into valuable tools for individuals in every industry, including sales.

Some skeptics think that AI will take away the person-to-person component of sales, but that’s simply not the case. AI lets you focus on human interaction and selling, while it takes care of everything else. AI can save you time and money, increase your sales effectiveness, and improve your sales forecasting.

Here is why the most successful sales teams are using artificial intelligence.

(Many are also using Spiro’s AI-powered sales automation CRM)

Save Time with Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence can be invaluable in saving salespeople time by performing many simple but time-consuming tasks for them. AI can complete the various administrative tasks and data entry that take away from a sales rep’s actual selling time. For example, AI can create contacts for you and automatically log your calls, emails, and texts. This means that reps can focus on selling and contact more prospects, instead of suffering through hours of data entry.

Save Money with Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence can do many of the tasks that you would either need to pay an outside service a lot of money for, or have a member of your team spend a significant portion of their time working on. For example, AI can help you build rapport with prospects by doing tons of research before you contact them. Many companies use a paid service to perform this function, when instead they could utilize AI to do it for them. With AI, getting these tasks done is both easier and more cost-effective.

Increase Sales Effectiveness with Artificial Intelligence

AI can help salespeople increase their effectiveness by getting them in touch with the right people. As your CRM gathers data about your various contacts, the AI picks up on patterns and identifies important information. It can tell your reps which deals to focus on, who to contact, and when. This way, less time is wasted focusing on the wrong deals, and reps won’t forget to follow up regularly. This all results in more closed deals.

Make Your Forecast More Accurate with Artificial Intelligence

A good sales forecast can be invaluable to a sales team, but human error can seriously harm the accuracy of this sales tool. Using AI when creating a sales forecast means that all of your team’s data is incorporated to the forecast, and that the calculations are correct. AI can look through all of a reps communications and predict a close date for each deal based on common patterns. These forecasts can be created for both individual reps, and the entire sales team. This means that sales managers get an honest, statistically-based picture of where their team stands.

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