• October 12, 2017

10 Signs That You’re Way Too Into Sales

Salespeople should love what they do. It can be a stressful profession, so embracing and appreciating what you do can help you get through the more difficult times. If you don’t like sales, it’s going to be very difficult to be successful.

But there’s also the other side of the spectrum: the people who are absolutely obsessed with sales. These people live, eat, breathe, and sleep sales, just like we do here at Spiro. If any of the following things ring a bell, then you might be way too into sales.

1. The first thing you think of the moment you wake up in the morning is closing deals

2. Any time you see the word “sales” somewhere, you start sweating profusely

3. You’ve written a will that specifies that your gravestone refer to you only as “salesperson”

4. You instantly become best friends with anyone else who works in sales

5. You once overheard a guy talking about snails, got confused and joined the conversation (yes, you’re way too into sales)

6. Even the thought of working a non-sales job causes you to break out in a rash

7. Your dentist has to fully sedate you every time you get a cleaning because you won’t stop talking about sales

8. When your company tried to promote you to management, you set the offer letter on fire

9. Whenever you take a vacation day, you spend it practicing cold-calling

10. You’re subscribed to hundreds of sales newsletters, blogs, and social media accounts, including the best sales blog in the world.