• December 23, 2021

7 New Year’s Resolutions Every Salesperson Should Make for 2022

We’re one week away from the great reset, when all of this year’s achievements will go out the window and we’ll be left looking at the blank slate of the upcoming year.

For salespeople, this is doubly impactful, as our annual quota starts from zero and we’re forced to start rolling the boulder from the bottom of the hill once again.

But with the new year comes the traditional new year’s resolution, when we get a chance to become the best version of ourselves, both at work and at home.

We wanted to help sales reps come up with their plan for 2022, so we’ve put together a list of the best new year’s resolutions every salesperson should make for the upcoming year. Here they are:

1. Take better care of their health 

Cut out the energy drinks, buy a pair of running shoes, and get moving. Health is the most important form of wealth.


2. Make use of their sales manager 

Your sales manager isn’t an adversary or someone to get off your back – use them as a resource to help you sell.


3. Sell less features and more benefits 

Nobody wants to hear about the technical details of the widget (okay, maybe a select few), but everybody wants to know what the widget will do for them.


4. Focus on the process 

The outcome is most important, but focusing on the work itself is the way to get there. Do the work and you’ll reap the benefits.


5. Use better tech

New sales technology (like Spiro) can help you become a super-seller. Don’t ignore the tech — your competitors sure as heck aren’t.


6. Less scrolling during the workday 

The dopamine hits from social media can be addicting, but you’ll never earn those big commission checks if you don’t learn how to put away the phone and focus on work.


7. More optimism 

Things have been a bit gloomy since 2020 and next year will almost certainly have its share of setbacks too, but there’s also a lot to be grateful for, so try to approach this upcoming year with hope, optimism, and a smile.