Case Study: How CabinetM is Saving Time and Money with Spiro


CabinetM helps enterprise organizations manage the marketing technology they use and discover the marketing technology they need.

Sheryl Schultz, Founder and COO

How can you save time and money by using a CRM? Well, I recently talked Sheryl Schultz, the Founder and COO of CabinetM and she told me how Spiro is helping them achieve these two main goals.

Not only has the sales team fully adopted Spiro, due to its easy to use platform, but they are also seeing a big increase in productivity from all of their reps.

Here are some more findings from my conversation with Sheryl:

Our Customer’s Pain Points

As a young company with a small budget and team, CabinetM needed a CRM solution that could handle their tech needs, but wasn’t difficult to use. They wanted to find a CRM that fit the way they worked, rather than a platform that made them change the way they tracked and collaborated around sales opportunities.

Being well versed in the latest tech solutions out there, they were keen on finding a CRM that could help them manage and build out an internal sales arm.

Spiro’s Solution

They chose Spiro as their CRM for two main reasons:

1. Ease of Use

Although they were initially drawn to Spiro for its reasonable price point, after using the product for a month, CabinetM was hooked on Spiro’s ease of use. Because it was such an intuitive and non-cumbersome system to use, the reps felt like they weren’t even using a CRM at all. It made adopting Spiro easy – it is a CRM that their sales team is actually using.

2. Automated Data Entry

Spiro provided a CRM solution that would take the place of a sales assistant by doing the data entry for them, and provide the sales information they needed at a glance. With Spiro, the reps were guided through the process of recording what happened on calls and in meetings, without ever having to use a keyboard.

The Results

Spiro’s key benefit for CabinetM has been its sales prompts and reminders, ease of call logging, and the wide range of easily accessible reports and templates built into the product. Previously, the company used Salesforce, and the team found it disruptive to use it for sales updates and tracking. But in the end, it came down to productivity.

The less time they spent on data entry, the more time they could spend on selling. Spiro eliminated the time it took to type up reminders or add contacts into a database. Spiro’s AI-powered CRM did all of that for them.

Sheryl said, “Spiro has automated, or provided templates, for virtually everything. Not only does it keep us organized, but it saves us a lot of time!”

As Sheryl Schultz, founder of CabinetM has said, “Spiro has automated, or provided templates, for virtually everything. Not only does it keep us organized, but it saves us a lot of time!”

“Spiro also saves us time by providing proactive recommendations on who we should add in as a contact. By culling through user emails, and recognizing a new email chain, Spiro makes suggestions on who should be added into our system as a contact. With a click of a button, a contact and opportunity is created. And then, Spiro automatically records all future emails we have with that contact as “action notes” in their record.”

While the initial attraction to Spiro was the low monthly cost per user, productivity was the pay off. In the end, they said, “we’re happy to pay for Spiro because it saves us an enormous amount of time.” And we all know that time is money!