How Ceramic Pro Streamlined Their Distributor Sales Process

How Ceramic Pro Streamlined Their Distributor Sales Process

Ceramic Pro is the global leader in nanoceramic surface protection. They offer ceramic coatings and paint protection film (PPF) that are designed for automotive, marine, aviation and industrial applications. For distribution, Ceramic Pro relies on a network of installers, distributors, and auto-dealers who ultimately install and service their products. As Ceramic Pro expanded their business, scale demanded technology that could effectively manage their distribution network in order to ensure a quality experience for their customers and prospects.

Although Ceramic Pro does not directly distribute or service their products, they run marketing campaigns for their distribution network and generate leads to be sent to installers. Initially, CEO Brett Benito ran the business through his email and spreadsheets, sending leads generated from web forms manually to the distributors for them to contact. This presented Brett with numerous problems as the business grew:

  • No Insight into Leads Sent to Distributors: Once Ceramic Pro sent leads to their distributor network, Brett had little insight into what happened. With no way of knowing when leads are contacted or converting, it was impossible to run an effective sales and marketing process.
  • Managing Dozens of Different CRMs: Each distributor and installer had their own CRM. While they would grant Brett access to the databases, they were siloed, disorganized, and often being replaced or updated. Without a centralized source of truth, Brett was flying blind when it came to the leads he was generating.
  • No Ability to Automate Communications: Brett wished to have leads contacted within a specific timeframe and placed in a standard cadence of communications, but he had no way to implement or enforce this. 
  • Duplicate Leads Distributed: Brett was managing the incoming leads over email and spreadsheets. Sometimes leads would come in by filling out a form multiple times or come in through multiple channels. When this happened, the lead would often get sent to more than one distributor, causing inefficiency and overcommunication to the prospect.

Brett knew that in order to continue growing the business, he needed to streamline the sales process with his distribution network. According to Brett, what Ceramic Pro needed was an “awesome CRM system that I could negotiate with my distributors to use in order to continue providing my products, getting my leads, or getting my support. We could make sure that the leads have the right amount of touches to get the sale and then even manage customers so that I don’t have any that go thirty days without getting some sort of touch from a sales rep.” 

Ceramic Pro found what they were looking for in Spiro, an AI-powered CRM built specifically for manufacturers and distributors, which for Brett meant a solution designed for the exact kind of business model he was operating. Spiro helped Ceramic Pro in the following ways:

  • Automate Distribution of Leads: With Spiro in place, Brett was able to eliminate the email distribution of leads as well as curb the duplicate lead issue by automating the distribution of leads.
  • One Stop Platform for Sales Process: Instead of dealing with numerous, constantly changing CRMs from his distribution network, Brett now has a single source of truth to manage the leads he distributes.
  • Visibility into Prospect and Customer Touchpoints: Spiro allows Brett to see all the communications to his prospects and customers from each of his distribution channels. This allows him to easily ensure each prospect gets the appropriate touches and that no customer is left unattended.

  • AI-driven Alerts to Ensure Communication: Spiro’s AI Engine monitors prospect and customer activity, as well as analyzes order data, and then alerts sales reps to contacts that should be reached out to. This offers additional automation to Ceramic Pro’s sales process and customer service.

Brett found that implementing Spiro for Ceramic Pro has greatly paid off. According to him, “The reason why I was attracted to Spiro, and the reason why I am still loving it, is that it’s not the traditional CRM that requires sales to spend all their time on data entry and typing in what happened on every call.  Spiro makes it so our sales reps are not doing data entry, nor are they trying to figure out who to call – but instead, they’re actively engaging with the customers at the right time.”