Case Study: Why This Financial Consulting Company Says Spiro is Better Than Salesforce

This financial consulting firm works to make business simple so that business owners can focus on what they do best.

Financial Consultancy

Recently, I caught up with the Chief Satisfaction Officer at a financial consulting company.

I wanted to hear about their sales solution selection process, and what made Spiro stand out as their solution of choice.

Our Customer’s Pain Points

One common issue we hear from prospective customers, is how their lack of organization in their sales life is holding them back from making more sales. This was a major pain point for a financial consulting organization. Their sales reps were not completing follow-ups in a timely manner, and sometimes, missing a follow-up all together. This was mainly due to not having a solution that helped organize their opportunities and keep reps on top of their follow-ups, helping them to never lose sight of any deals in their pipeline.

The consultancy was also looking for a solution that had more features than their current system. They wanted a way to make sharing information among the team easier. And they required a solution that could integrate seamlessly with Microsoft Outlook, easily importing and syncing emails from their current system.

Spiro’s Solution

When looking at different options, they focused on not only selecting a solution that had all the functionality needed to address their specific pain points, but were also determined to find a company with great customer service.

The chief satisfaction officer had worked with Salesforce in the past, and was specifically looking for a more cost effective solution. Spiro was the perfect answer, offering a proactive relationship management platform with all of the functionality she was looking for, at a low cost to them, and with a dedication to excellent customer service.

They selected Spiro for two main reasons:

Spiro 100% Adoption Guarantee

1. Customer Service

At Spiro, every Team Edition customer has a Customer Success Manager assigned to them. This person helps import data, set up any customization in Spiro, gets all users fully onboarding, and also offers continuous training and support throughout their Spiro subscription.

2. Easy to Collaborate

Spiro makes sharing information between colleagues a breeze. Spiro users have full visibility of all interactions (emails, meetings, notes) for a contact between everyone at their organization. They can also share companies and contacts across all users at their organization, and assign Reminders and set Next Steps to other users. This provides more collaboration and less duplication of efforts to get your deals closed.

The Results

Since using Spiro, this financial consulting company has seen a positive increase with the ease of making follow-ups. Their reps are more organized, and the team is able to stay on top of all their deals.

The chief satisfaction officer needs to know what deals the sales reps are working on. Spiro’s reports offer her fully visibility into her team’s progress on all their opportunities in the pipeline, and give her valuable insights into any anomalies in the forecast.  She said, “The ease of pulling reports and being able to monitor the team’s progress and productivity has been a great service.”