Case Study: How West Creek Financial Successfully Adopted Spiro

West Creek Financial

West Creek provides consumer financing in the Mattress, Furniture, Appliance and Tire and Auto Repair space.

Joe LaBella, Senior Director of Sales and Sales Operations

Research shows that 47% of CRM projects fail. But at Spiro, we guarantee your sales team will use our proactive relationship management platform, and West Creek Financial is proof of that guarantee.

I recently talked with Joe LaBella, the Senior Director of Sales and Sales Operations at West Creek, about their successful adoption of Spiro. As first time sales platform users, they are not only using Spiro, but discovering the powerful insights Spiro can provide on activities that generate revenue.

Our Customer’s Pain Points

Prior to using Spiro, West Creek Financial wasn’t using a sales platform at all. Running things off of spreadsheets was a dated way for them to do business, as they weren’t able to properly keep track of all their contacts, prospects, and activities.  

They wanted a way to manage their pipeline, track their reps’ performance, and make their sales force accountable. What they were looking for was a solution that had basic functionality, but cutting edge technology. Something that didn’t appear to the first time user as an over-engineered beast of burden. Something that could just get the job done.

Spiro’s Solution

For West Creek, there were two main reasons they decided to implement Spiro’s proactive relationship management platform:

1. Customizable and Adaptable

The main thing that impressed West Creek Financial was how customizable and adaptable not only Spiro the product is, but Spiro the company as well. Spiro’s proactive relationship management platform allows you to add customized fields and make the product work for you and your particular industry. In addition to that, Spiro’s customer support team is adaptable and always takes customer requests and needs into account. This was a huge draw for a company new to using a sales platform.

2. Designed For Success

West Creek was looking for a solid solution that could master the things most important to them: recording activities, setting reminders, and managing their pipeline. They did not want to implement a platform that promised to do everything sorta well, but instead wanted a solution that managed sales extremely well. Spiro was able to provide them with a solution built by salespeople, for salespeople. Our platform was designed for the purpose of making your sales life easier, allowing you and your team to focus on sales. With Spiro’s built-in sales process and automated reminders, reps are guided through their days in a focused way.

The Results

Before using Spiro, West Creek’s reps managed their own spreadsheets, with no centralized place to track progress on their opportunities. Spiro has since provided West Creek with a standardize way to evaluate their sales process. Having a proactive relationship management platform that manages all your contacts, deals, and activities, not only holds reps accountable, but also provides managers with insight into actions that generate revenue.

With Spiro, West Creek’s sales managers now have complete visibility into what deals their reps are working on. As Joe said, “managers can use Spiro’s reports to shape best practices and gives them the necessary data to shift their focus to help close more deals.”

Spiro’s intuitive user interface has helped West Creek’s sales team adopt Spiro.  West Creek is a rapidly growing company and is continuously hiring and onboarding new salespeople. Joe said that since Spiro is so easy to use, they are able to get reps up to speed very quickly and adhere to expectations, since Spiro does most of the data entry for them.

West Creek is also enjoying the benefits of having a mobile sales tool. As a consumer financing company, their sales reps are out of the office a lot of the time.  Spiro’s mobile app has full functionality that allows the reps to access and update their accounts, easily log calls, and keep them on top of all their deals, whether they are at their desks or on the go.

Everybody says they are focused on customer service, but when you can back it up with action… now that’s real customer service.

The final thing Joe, the Sr. VP of Sales and Sales Opps, mentioned when we spoke, was the outstanding customer service Spiro has provided to West Creek Financial. Joe said, “Everybody says they are focused on customer service, but when you can back it up with action… now that’s real customer service.”  He explained that many times in sales, the salespeople make the promise, but what sets Spiro apart is that our customer support team actually delivers on that promise. And Joe’s been pleased with Spiro’s drive to constantly improve our product to help make sales teams, like his, even more successful. With an open dialogue between us and our customers, Spiro’s roadmap and direction is in part driven by customers like West Creek.

At Spiro, our implementation is quick, our learning curve is short, and our customer service is exceptional.