Sales Enablement

Spiro gives actionable insights and proactive recommendations for next best steps to help prevent lost opportunities and increase sales productivity.

Focus team activities

The Spiro Assistant provides users with a prioritized daily to-do list of AI and user-generated tasks that maximize output.

Using the Spiro Assistant

Spiro assistant email recommendation
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Increase team productivity

Built-in VoIP calling and AI-generated call lists allow teams to reach more prospects, and automated call logging increases team efficiency.

Seamless calling through Spiro

Spiro VoIP call campaign phone dialer
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Ensure active engagement

Spiro provides proactive follow-up reminders based on conversations to ensure that no deal slips through the cracks.

Call transcription and AI next step recommendation
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Accelerate deal progression

Spiro analyzes engagement scores and focuses reps on the opportunities most likely to close.

AI prioritized sales pipeline
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Maximize win-rates

Spiro provides complete pipeline visibility and actionable insights to help prevent lost deals.

Spiro’s AI-driven engagement statuses

Sales alert pointing out stalled deal

Sales enablement that amplifies team success

Sales Team

A seamless, AI-guided sales process to help land higher commissions.

Sales Leaders

Performance and activity-based insights to help coach toward success.

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You might be wondering:

The Spiro Assistant definitely helps keep reps organized and productive.

Sales leaders can email the Spiro Assistant to find out exactly how many calls, emails, and meetings team members engaged in. They can also get an update on specific deals right before meetings, or ask about specific team member activities.

We don’t replace a marketing automation tool (instead, we integrate with those tools), but you can send tailored emails to targeted lists of 500 contacts, with the ability to schedule them for a future time and date.

For quick email messages you find yourself sending over and over again, choose from one of Spiro’s 11 amazing templates, or write your own and save it for future use.

Check out this article that lists the various interactions you and your team can have with the Spiro Assistant.

Whether on the web or the mobile app, Spiro’s VoIP capabilities allow one-click dialing. Features also include call forwarding, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), call recording and transcription, and the ability to send and receive text messages.

Watch this video to learn more.

“With actionable business intelligence from Spiro’s proactive relationship management platform, we extract meaningful insights that position us to change the trajectory of rising costs for our clients from day one.”

– Rob Gelb | CEO, Vālenz