AI-Generated Customer Summaries Help Manufacturers and Distributors Manage Relationships

Manufacturers and distributors rely on healthy customer communications to run a sustainable business. The best customer relationships require a salesperson or account manager to know everything going on with that customer. The challenge is maintaining consistent relationships with many companies or branches, at scale. Having that level of insight in tens of thousands of customers is one of the more direct ways that Spiro’s artificial intelligence (AI) can help.

Spiro’s AI Engine automatically collects, correlates and analyzes customer data from across virtually every interaction. Spiro’s AI Engine then summarizes key points about the customer (or specific contact) and proactively alerts the account manager to action that should be taken, but that hasn’t happened yet.

Understand Your Customers to Ensure Strong Relationships

It can be frustrating to not know what is going on with your customers, and logging into a CRM, marketing tool and ERP to find a bunch of data points still doesn’t show who in the company called or met with a customer. Even after gathering that information, one or more conversations are typically required to understand what’s going on with the customer and what the next step should be. Doing this in a timely fashion is a fool’s errand.  

Spiro’s approach is to provide updated, contextualized information in a digestible way. For example, at the top of each company record, the AI Engine provides a summary of the company’s overall activity, which may include recent communications, orders, or where they stand in relation to their annual order budget.

These AI-generated summaries highlight issues that may otherwise be hard to catch, such as a customer falling behind their usual pace of orders. By bringing this information to light, AI can help manufacturers and distributors avoid lost revenue. 

Document Communications and Recommend Next Steps with Each Contact

Sales representatives often have to keep track of a lot of contacts at many different companies or branches. Even with communications logged in a CRM, it can be challenging to remember to circle back with each customer at the right time and to access their order information and specifications. At the contact level, Spiro provides users a summary of communications as well as recommended next steps based on past interactions, making it easy to find everything they need to make a call with confidence. 

In addition to providing helpful summaries at the contact, customer, and activity level, Spiro recognizes that sometimes the problem is not knowing which company or contact needs your attention. This is where the Spiro Assistant helps by directing users to contacts, companies, or opportunities that require urgent attention based on prior communications or past buying patterns. 

The Spiro Assistant can be set up to remind users to check in on customers for a variety of customizable reasons, such as delayed orders, stalled orders, lead follow-up, and more. This allows Spiro to be tailored to your unique business model and that of your customers. 

Capture Notes and Next Steps to Stay Ahead of Customer Needs

After a customer call, it can be difficult to take notes on everything that was discussed, particularly if it is a longer call with a customer who has a lot of specific requirements and various stakeholders. This is another area where AI can do the hard work for you. In addition to providing a transcript of each call, Spiro’s AI Engine summarizes the conversation, including highlighting the key points and action items. 

Based on that summary, Spiro provides a draft email to send the customer with the same information. This helps account managers keep customers up-to-speed, which in turn leads to happier customers.

Manufacturers and distributors need to maintain strong customer relationships in order to thrive. In order to succeed, companies need both visibility into their customer communications and orders as well as the knowledge of where to look. Spiro’s AI Engine is designed for manufacturers and distributors to help highlight the important pieces of information needed to drive better customer relationships.