Supercharge Marketing Efforts with Insight and Visibility

Supercharge Marketing Efforts with Insight and Visibility

Getting your sales and marketing teams aligned in terms of objectives, language and processes is important. Once you’ve done the heavy lifting that is required to get the two teams “in flow” on a human level, the next step for truly maximizing your team’s potential is creating an intelligent, integrated funnel. Leveraging a platform that can automate workflows and processes, while helping you “listen” for buying behaviors and gain full visibility into engagements with prospects can truly rocket your marketing efforts to the next dimension. 

Creating a closed-loop marketing program begins with the ability to move leads swiftly through a set of steps from awareness to action. Having the ability to send leads that are not ready for sales back to marketing for ongoing nurture programs is one way to make the process seamless. Another is for marketing to send prospects and insights over to sales at just the right time, coupled with actionable guidance. 

All of this is possible when you integrate Spiro with your marketing automation platform, whether it be HubSpot, MailChimp or another one. Let’s take a look at a few ways Spiro’s CRM platform can be your launchpad for success.

Synch lists for better targeting

A major benefit of integrating Spiro with your marketing automation platform is that you can tailor mailing lists based on engagement and funnel progression. You can also filter contacts by a particular demographic or lead score without having to manually export/import lists between the two platforms. Automating the workflows associated with lead nurturing and drip campaigns will make sure your marketing efforts are being targeted to the most active prospects.

Nurture prospects based on status and stage

Speaking of nurture campaigns, with Spiro you move beyond simply sending MQLs (marketing qualified leads) to the sales team to truly automating a closed-loop process. For example, if a lead moves from an active opportunity and gets requalified to a stalled sales stage, that person can be assigned to a specific email marketing campaign. This will keep them warm until they have another qualifying event and ensures the right marketing content is being directed to the right person at the right time.

Trigger alerts and sales actions based on buying signals

In addition to automating the marketing workflow, integrating Spiro and your marketing platform enables Spiro to further automate sales processes. Marketing can set up specific triggers and workflows when a particular lead has reached a certain number of touch points by setting a lead score. When a predefined score is met, the prospect can be added to a BDR’s list of calls to make, with a note on the trigger (for example, if they’re suddenly spending time on the pricing page of the website).

Additionally, the Spiro platform tracks the number of outbound touch points on prospects. Once a designated number is reached (or period of time passes), the prospect could be added to a specific marketing campaign designed to drive a heightened interest and desire to take action. This accelerates your funnel velocity by focusing on hot leads when they are exhibiting buying patterns.

Synchronize the marketing and sales playbooks

If marketing and sales efforts are simultaneously communicating with a common set of contacts, it can get messy. Not only will the sales rep be frustrated by marketing overstepping in a sensitive situation, but the prospect can get annoyed and stop responding to communications from both teams. Spiro makes sales and marketing collaboration easy, helping teams avoid sending duplicate or simultaneous messages, and provides a clear record of what’s sent to the prospect or contact from both teams. This ensures that communication is timely and relevant and not overwhelming for the prospect. 

Being able to track messages is one side of the coin. Being able to “listen” to those conversations is the other side. With Spiro, marketing can review transcripts of calls with prospects to refine messaging and see the quality of leads by campaign based on their engagement and levels of interest. Understanding objections and interests via transcripts of calls and emails between leads and reps can truly improve marketing messages and offer quality and effectiveness.

Track marketing influence on sales opportunities 

We all know it’s hard to pinpoint the exact message or offer that moved a lead to want to buy from you. It’s not just one thing – it’s a series of efforts and communication pieces working together to move the prospect from awareness to interest to desire and ultimately, action. Spiro makes it easy to identify and track influence on closed-won opportunities. Having visibility into this is key to learning patterns so you can create more of what works, and less of what doesn’t. 

With Spiro, you can also track marketing’s influence on the pipeline beyond opportunity creation by looking at multi-touches for influence. Multi-touch information can also be useful to the BDR who may want to see if a marketing email was opened, if the prospect was on the website, what pages they viewed, what search terms brought them in, what assets were downloaded and when they left your website. This is the type of qualitative information that can enable a more effective sales call and have your leads believing your sales team is psychic!

Marketing on steroids without the negative side effects

With full integration between your sales and marketing platforms, you can improve productivity and significantly boost your marketing program’s influence on the sales pipeline and, ultimately, revenue. 

There is simply no stopping a sales and marketing team that is acting in congruence and leveraging the most intelligent platform available.

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