Understanding How AI-Driven Sales Platforms are Changing the Game for the Supply Chain

The supply chain is going through a major inflection point, driven by the perfect storm of internal and external factors: the industry’s digital revolution, or “Smart Manufacturing,” has created massive silos of data, companies are losing long-time employees to retirement at an increasing rate, and global supply chain issues are fueling a competitive market.

The challenges are big, but the opportunity in front of manufacturers is even bigger, with economists expecting recording growth in every segment of the supply chain. The manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors who are going to succeed are the ones who understand the main driver of profitability is visibility. Fortunately, a new generation of sales platforms, built on artificial intelligence (AI), can provide this level of visibility.

Watch this webinar with Spiro.AI and 451 Research to learn:

  • Key trends that are impacting companies across the supply chain;
  • Why manufacturing companies are prioritizing investments in operational areas, specifically sales, to improve profitability with better business data;
  • How AI-driven sales platforms can improve visibility into all things customer related to better address the knowledge gap from these data silos; and
  • How to use this increased visibility to focus on the most profitable customers, spot changes in customer buying behavior while you can still address them, and focus your limited resources on high-impact areas.