• July 21, 2016

10 Ways Salespeople Can Boost Their Confidence

Confidence is key in sales. A salesperson who isn’t confident is like a lawyer who isn’t competitive. But confidence doesn’t come easy when you’re constantly dealing with rejection from prospects.

Luckily, despite prevailing wisdom, confidence is something you can build up through some simple tricks and life-hacks. Salespeople should use an AI-powered sales automation CRM like Spiro if you they work in sales and want to make more money, and should use the following tips to boost their confidence and close more deals:

1. Be prepared

Doing the work to prepare for a presentation is one of the best ways to become more confident. If you know your product, and your pitch inside and out, there’s very little you’ll have to worry about when it comes to doing your job well.

2. Speak assertively

Blues Traveler once sang: “It doesn’t matter what I say, as long as I say it with inflection.” This isn’t too far from the truth. Speak confidently and assertively and you’ll feel that way yourself. More importantly, your customer will respond accordingly.

3. Sell a product you love

If you truly believe in what you’re selling, the confidence will come naturally. When you know the product is of high quality and creates value for your customers, all you need to do is communicate that message effectively. You’re already confident in it.

4. Change your posture

Studies have shown that you can actually boost your own confidence by changing your body language. Better yet, customers will also respond to your body language accordingly. Before a pitch, puff your chest out and stand tall, it will help.

5. Exercise

Bad health is a confidence killer, and exercise is the cure. You don’t need to become an amateur bodybuilder, but a regular exercise routine is one of the best things you can do for your sales career, and more importantly, your life.

6. Stay away from negativity

Sales is difficult enough without the negative employees that you find at almost every company. Avoid these people like the plague, because while it may be cathartic to sit around and complain, it’s a complete confidence killer.

7. Dress better

If you look like a schlub, you’re probably going to feel like one. Studies have shown that dressing well boosts confidence, especially in business attire. Don’t skimp on your work clothes like most people do, dress for success.

8. Think about your successes

When your confidence is low, it might help to think about things that you’ve achieved, especially ones that were particularly big accomplishments for you. Write down some of the things you’re most proud of, and look at them when you feel you need it most.

9. Coffee

Everyone knows that “coffee is for closers,” but for many people, coffee is what you need to become a closer, not the other way around. Caffeine has a ton of health benefits, and can help boost your confidence and energy. Tea and energy drinks work too!

10. Motivational quotes

They’re everywhere these days, but the right quote at the right time can be exactly what you need to close that next deal. Spiro can help motivate you and tell you who to call, and when.  Many people find Spiro helps boost their confidence.