• August 6, 2018

5 Ways Spiro Re-Ignited My Sales Motivation

5 Ways Spiro Re-Ignited My Sales Motivation

Since the very beginning of my career as a salesperson, I have found sales extremely exciting and rewarding. But in the beginning, I was having a hard time keeping motivated if there was a month or quarter when my close rate was down. And then I starting using Spiro as our internal CRM. Quickly I saw my sales soar, and my motivation was restored.

Here are the 5 ways Spiro’s sales automation CRM re-ignited my sales motivation:

1. Keeps Me Focused on Selling

No salesperson I’ve ever met has told me that data entry is the highlight of their day. From what I’ve seen, salespeople tend to enjoy interacting with people, and trying to surpass their personal sales goals. Anything else is really just seen as a necessary evil.

Spiro does all the data entry for me, generates sales reports, and keeps track of who I need to call and when. This means that I get to do what I love: focus on selling. I no longer have to suffer through hours of meaningless tasks that I don’t enjoy every single week.

2. I Have Seen Immediate Results

Before I started using Spiro, I was in a bit of a sales slump. All seasoned salespeople know that a few slower weeks or months are inevitable, but that doesn’t mean it hurts any less.

Within the first month of using Spiro, I started seeing a huge difference in my sales outcomes. I was connecting with more prospects, increasing my average deal size, and closing more deals overall. This was a massive boost for my confidence and sales motivation, and helped me to bounce back quickly.

3. Makes Sales Entertaining

I love my sales job. But that doesn’t mean that I love every minute of my sales job. When you make 20 calls in a row and not a single person picks up, it’s hard to love the defeat. However, that is part of the job, and you need to find a way to persevere.

Spiro adds some much needed humor and encouragement to my day. With the 7 built-in personalities to choose from, it keeps it fun to have a “Coach” remind me to make a call. And it does make me feel better when my CRM tells me I did a great job following up with someone, in the tone of a “Surfer Dude.” I’m lucky to work somewhere where my team and my managers are all extremely supportive, but none of them cheer me on after every single call, email, and text like Spiro does.

4. Prevents Memory Loss

When you are relying on your own ability to remember the status of every deal and what to do next, things can fall through the cracks pretty easily. I would forget to follow up with a promising prospect every now and then because I wasn’t aware of their status.

Spiro re-ignited my sales motivation by telling me who I have to call each day and where all my current deals stand. Simply being aware of all the action and opportunities within my pipeline keeps me motivated to make more calls and follow up consistently.

5. Closing Deals on the Go

Sales can be stressful, especially when you are around other stressed-out salespeople all the time. Sometimes I just need to get out of the office to clear my head, but it can be tough to find the time for even a 15-minute walk in the park.

One of my favorite things about Spiro is the fact that I can use it anywhere I go. I can make a call through Spiro while I am at the beach, on the train, or on a walk, and Spiro logs all the information for me. It’s a win-win situation; I reduce my stress, and increase my productivity.