• July 8, 2021

8 Things All Salespeople Do on Summer Vacation

Now that travel restrictions have been eliminated, millions of people are heading to the airport, hitting the highway, or launching their boats and taking advantage of their vacation time in ways they weren’t able to in 2020. Salespeople are no exception, and given that the job can take its toll on just about anyone, the vacation time is welcome (aside from the fact that it’s one less week to prospect for Q3 goals). In any case, everybody needs a recharge. Taking time out for some much needed rest can help you come back stronger, so don’t neglect the need for some downtime after a stressful year in the sales trenches.

But while salespeople go on vacation just like everybody else, they don’t necessarily experience things the same way as somebody whose salary isn’t dependent on performance. And while it wouldn’t be a stretch to say that salespeople can have a hard time shutting off their brain, it doesn’t mean they don’t deserve to unwind despite the ingrained habits that can sometimes get in their way. So whether they’re at the beach, the lake, or the amusement park, here are eight things that all salespeople do on their summer vacation:

1. Set an Out of Office message with a quirky joke and some caveats 

There’s a 90% chance I’m on the beach, but if you need immediate help, please contact Paul Hanson at Paul@salestechinc.com.


2. Give very specific instructions about a particular client to whoever is covering for them 

If Gail Somers calls, make sure to get her initials on the contract. She’s ready to move, don’t let her off the hook.


3. Say they’re not going to check their email 

This week is for relaxing. No Gmail, no Slack, and no CRM!


4. Check their email 

I just want to make sure the Analog deal went through. Not even gonna look at anything else…


5. Jump on any opportunity to network with other vacationers 

Excuse me, Ma’am, I couldn’t help but overhear you talking about your payroll software…


6. Plan for how they’re going to dominate the board when they get back 

I’ve been way too passive about asking for referrals. If I start doing it on every deal, I know I can outsell Melissa every single month.


7. Remember a promising old prospect they need to check back in with 

I wonder what’s going on with Walter Routhier. It’s been a year — I’m gonna give him a call when I get back.


8. Relax for a little over an hour before getting restless about their deals again 

This James Patterson book is fine, but I can make a small fortune if I manage to reel in that Breyer account.