• November 8, 2018

How to Spot a Salesperson from a Million Miles Away

I’m not saying that all salespeople are the same, but generally, there are a lot of commonalities between most salespeople. This makes it easy to spot a salesperson in a crowd.

Here are the 8 ways to spot a salesperson from a million miles away:

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1. They’re Probably on Their Cellphone

It’s true. Salespeople take their cellphones with them everywhere we go. Salespeople tend to have a hard time getting away from work, be it their own unwavering sales work ethic, or the constant demands that a salesperson faces in their daily life. Sometimes this means that they need to take an unexpected call while they’re out to brunch. You gotta do what you gotta do to close a deal, which is why you need to have a sales platform with full mobile functionality, so you can work whenever, wherever!

2. They’re Oozing Confidence

Cool, calm, and collected: the perfect description for a salesperson. There’s a reason for that. If you’re confident in your product, the person on the other end of the call will be too. And, this confidence translates to daily life as well. Salespeople tend to walk around with their chin up, ready to face the world. A salesperson could walk into a party without knowing a single person, and walk out with a whole group of new friends.

3. They’re “Brushing The Dirt off Their Shoulder”

As stated by one of the great intellectual figures of our time, Jay-Z, salespeople know that you need to “get, that, dirt off your shoulder.” A salesperson hears the word “no” more than just about anyone in any other career. This means that they develop some pretty thick skin. So, when they’re going about their daily life, and something goes wrong, it just means that they’re going to try again (and again, and again), with double the effort. That guy on your softball team that went from not being able to hit the ball, to becoming the King of Grand Slams? Probably a salesperson.

4. They’re Smiling All the Time

No salesperson has gotten very far by thinking that every call they make is going to be a disaster. The most successful salespeople expect that each time they pick up the phone, they’re going to close a deal. Obviously this isn’t always the case, but the mindset goes a long way. It’s pretty typical that great salespeople “smile and dial,” to get into the right mindset before actually making the call. Your friends who aren’t in sales may think you’re crazy for being so positive all the time, but it’s just natural when you choose the sales life.

5. They’re Helping a Little Old Lady Cross the Street

One of the main drivers that bring people into sales is the desire to help others. The stereotype of the greedy salesperson couldn’t be further from the truth. That guy at the grocery store helping the older woman carry her groceries to her car is pretty likely to be a salesperson. We can’t help it, providing solutions and being helpful is second nature for people in sales.

6. They’re Surrounded by People

Salespeople thrive off of interacting with others. Like in the old saying, salespeople are always “holding court,” with a huge crowd of people around them. It’s pretty likely that if you see a bunch of people crowded around a single person, and that person is a salesperson. Salespeople know how to talk to just about anyone, and to capture their attention. Spot a crowd, and you’ll spot a salesperson standing in the middle of it.

7. They Look Put Together

Salespeople know the importance of first impressions, so they always are looking their best. Who knows when they might meet a great new prospect? This doesn’t mean that they spend all their time in suits, but salespeople always make sure to stay well-groomed and well-dressed. Appearance isn’t everything, but having food on your shirt and your fly undone doesn’t exactly translate to tons of closed deals. When you spot an effortlessly stylish woman walking down the street, she’s probably a salesperson.

8. They’re Shaking Hands and Kissing Babies

Like good politicians, salespeople are always building relationships. After all, sales is built upon human relationships. They know how to network and cast their net wide. Although they aren’t looking for you to vote for them, they do know the importance of pleasing their constituents and making everyone feel like their voice is heard.