• January 31, 2017

Salespeople, How to Get the Customer to Do the Talking

Salespeople, How to Get the Customer to Do the Talking

What’s the quickest way to turn a customer off?

Never stop talking.

Not only is it imperative that you stop sounding like a salesperson, but it’s also necessary for you to shut up a bit so you can actually hear what the customer has to say.

But, what if you are dealing with a client that doesn’t talk much. How can you get them to open up and start communicating?

Here are some tips in getting the customer to do the talking:

1. Salespeople – Be An Active Listener

Perhaps you are asking the perfect question, that usually gets your prospect to specifically spell out their pain points, but it’s now being met with silence. Just rephrase it and ask again.

If you ask “What roadblocks are you currently up against regarding budget?”, then try, “Tell me about your budget and anything standing in the way of us closing this deal.”  Just stop talking and close more deals.

2. In Sales, Never Ask A “Yes or No” Question

Never ask a question that can be answered with a simple “yes” or “no.” There are some questions you should ask every prospect.

Instead of asking, “Are you interested in exploring options for a new CRM”? Ask “Why is now a good time for you to explore other CRM options?”

3. Want the Sale? Don’t Forget To Ask “WHY”!

No other question gives you a better understanding of your client as “Why”. Why makes a great follow-up question or bridge to continue the conversation. Use it often!

“You mentioned hoping to sign by end of month, but why does that timing work for your schedule?”

4. Storytelling and Sales

People love hearing and telling stories. Being able to personally relate to each other is a great rapport builder, and everybody enjoys the chance to share their tales. So ask your client to tell you a story…

“Tell me about the time you had success with implementing a new HR tool.”

5. Salespeople – Don’t Forget To Repeat Back and Then Ask Again

One of the worst answers you can get from a client is one you don’t understand. It is never a bad idea to ask for more clarity, or repeat back to the customer what you think you heard and make sure you are digesting it correctly.

“So, let me repeat back to you what I’m hearing your main concerns are, and you can tell me if I’ve got this all right.”

6. Get Their Feelings Involved

You tend to get more honest, verbally verbose answers when you can tap into their emotions. And once a customer starts to show a human, emotional side, the rapport and conversation will flow easier.

Instead of asking, “What’s it like being a car salesmen?”, ask “How did it feel selling your first car?”

7. Do A Salesperson Role Reversal

Ask your prospect to articulate why you are the right fit for them, forcing them to take the role as salesperson and basically sell themselves on you. It may seem like a bit of reverse psychology, but it works. And it gets the client to talk.

“How do you see our product fulfilling your needs?”

Getting the customer to do the talking will help you to close more deals, and so will using Spiro.

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