Spiro Adoption Guarantee Details

Updated: May 2022

What is the Guarantee?

Spiro is a unique proactive relationship management platform that has been designed to help salespeople speak to more prospects and ultimately win more opportunities.

Spiro was specifically designed to a) minimize the data entry required by sales teams and b) spend less time using the solution and more time selling.

Because of these two factors, Spiro is supremely confident that your sales team will “adopt” Spiro and use it to help your company achieve its corporate objectives.

At the same time, many companies are hesitant to buy new sales automation software, having had poor experiences in the past resulting in the sales team not using CRM software.

Our guarantee is that the sales team will use Spiro, and that you will be satisfied with the support that you receive to help them adopt it.

If after working with our customer success team and going through the appropriate steps to achieve adoption, you are still not happy with the sales team’s adoption of Spiro, we will refund your payment.

Certain terms and conditions apply; please see below.

How do We Determine “Adoption”?

Adoption of Spiro means that the sales team is using the product to manage their prospects and opportunities. Typically this means that the majority of the sales team is logging into Spiro, engaging in email conversations with Spiro via the email assistant and /or taking action based on Spiro’s recommendations at least once per week.

Your Responsibilities

While we guarantee adoption of Spiro, it is still a shared responsibility between both of our organizations.

We’ve designed and built the software and will provide a process and support for adoption. Your organization must be committed to making a solid effort to adopt Spiro and follow our recommended process:

  • Schedule, attend and engage in a management meeting so we can gather your company requirements and customize parts of Spiro.
  • Provide anything necessary for data loading and technology integration
  • Schedule, attend, and engage in a Reports training and review any customized reports we created for your Key Performance Indicators.
  • Schedule training(s) for your entire sales team with a Spiro Customer Success Manager.
  • Conduct a sunset review of the team training and surfacing of issues for Spiro to resolve
  • Engage in a minimum of one call per month with a Spiro CSM
  • Escalate any adoption issues to your Customer Success Manager

If after going through this process and you have escalated these issues to Spiro’s customer success team, we will create a joint action plan to improve adoption.

If after successful completion of the joint action plan you are still not satisfied with your team’s adoption, you will be provided a refund.

If after three months of going live with Spiro you have not reported an adoption issue to us, Spiro is considered adopted, and you are no longer eligible for a refund under this guarantee.

How do You Receive a Refund, and For How Much?

If you purchased an annual contract with Spiro, we will cancel your contract and refund your initial payment, minus sixty days prorated usage of Spiro.

Payments will be refunded to your original payment method within 30 days of your request.