The Importance of Pairing AI With Humans

We’ve heard a lot about AI since ChatGPT came onto the scene in December 2022. Specifically, generative AI, which is said to be able to create something from nothing, has quickly risen to the top of the buzzword list for many.

But “generative AI” is almost a misnomer. While you can ask it a question and get an answer, the AI is taking those answers from the data it was trained on. It never actually creates something from nothing, and in fact, you don’t want it to. (AI “hallucinating” answers is a big problem with the tech.)

The limitations and pitfalls of generative AI are one reason why you should always pair AI with a human. Sure, use ChatGPT to draft an email for you, but read and edit it afterwards. Have it help you research statistics, but vet them to make sure they’re real.

It’s like controlling the radio on a road trip. Have AI sit in the back and give you suggestions, but never give it control over the dial. Otherwise, you may end up like Ted & Marshall from How I Met Your Mother and be listening to “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)” for the rest of your life.

Want to read more? Our CEO Adam Honig digs into this more in his Forbes piece, “Balancing Generative AI’s Potential With The Human Filter.”