One-Stop Platform
Real-Time Alerts
No Data Entry Needed

Displays All Customer Data in One Place

  • Captures all calls, texts, emails, calendar invites, and more. 
  • Documents each interaction on the appropriate contact or company record in real-time.
  • Creates contacts and companies associated with those communications.
  • Also tracks order information and marketing interactions when relevant.

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Proactively Sends Alerts and Recommendations

  • Suggests next steps based on orders and activity.
  • Alerts account managers to changes in buying behavior, such as low or delayed orders.
  • Highlights priorities to prevent missed opportunities with customers.

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Automatically Generates Content with AI

  • Gives users the ability to automatically generate AI-drafted emails.
  • Summarizes conversations to quickly show what’s going on.
  • Provides a draft email that captures key points and next steps after phone calls for users to review and send.

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Improves Productivity with Spiro Assistant

  • Organizes account managers’ day with activities listed by order of priority.
  • Allows users to create contacts and companies, or get customer updates, via email.
  • Provides explanations for every suggested action, and why a customer or prospect requires attention.
  • Easily configured to align with unique processes and needs.

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Enhances and Organizes Customer Data

  • Maps company hierarchies to better manage branch relationships.
  • Automatically generates and logs call transcriptions and notes.
  • Enhances data with additional contact information and user engagement status.
  • Correlates sales data in actionable ways with AI-powered analytics.

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Enables Productivity From the Road with Phone App

  • Allows users to send emails and see customer updates from the mobile app.
  • A built-in VoIP solution streamlines calls and texts from the Spiro Phone App.
  • Automatically syncs calls, texts and emails to customer and prospect data.
  • Easy-to-use and available for Android and iOS devices.

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