4 Ways Spiro’s AI Engine Helps the Supply Chain

4 Ways Spiro’s AI Engine Helps the Supply Chain

Companies who make, move, or sell physical products are under more pressure to do more with less because of supply chain issues, increased customer demand, and in many cases, a retiring workforce. Artificial intelligence (AI) can help.

Here are four ways that Spiro’s AI Engine helps manufacturers, wholesalers, and distributors build better customer relationships to grow their businesses.

1. Save Time by Automating Data Collection 

Spiro’s AI Engine automates data collection – capturing emails, phone calls, texts, meetings, and even the status of invoices and marketing engagement. Spiro automatically creates contacts and companies based on this data, and the AI Engine summarizes phone conversations for a quick review, and markets whether customers are engaged or stalled. This provides a complete view into every interaction your company has with a customer, prioritizing all of your company’s efforts in helping both your teams and your customers. 

For example, Spiro works with a medical equipment company whose CRM lacked basic functionality. They had only a single contact for most of their customers. This was confusing and seemed inaccurate. When they started using Spiro’s AI Engine to automatically track their emails, calls, etc., the AI identified several contacts at each customer with whom they were interacting and automatically added them and the conversations they were having with the team into Spiro. This enabled this medical equipment company to get to know their customers better and made developing targeted marketing campaigns simpler and more effective. 

2. Proactively Monitor Order History to Avoid Losing Revenue

Spiro’s AI Engine can spot patterns in a customer’s order history, helping you better understand changes in orders placed. With AI, you can monitor all of this in real-time, receiving alerts when orders are missed and prevent any adverse impacts to your profitability.

For example, a flexible conduit manufacturer who uses Spiro manages order histories from thousands of customers. This volume of orders was impossible to track manually, resulting in the company realizing a customer wasn’t placing consistent orders until it was too late. Spiro’s AI Engine not only gives them visibility into their orders, it proactively alerts account executives to follow up when buying behaviors change.

3. Improving the Productivity of Your Sales Team 

Spiro’s AI Engine ensures that your team reaches out to customers on the right schedule by generating automated reminders based on your specific sales processes. This creates a smart process, so salespeople are productive and stay on task. Developing this level of productivity builds trust, which nurtures customer relationships that drive future sales in a very powerful way.

Spiro’s AI Engine can also save time in other ways. For example, a large fabric distributor who uses Spiro requires sales teams to visit top customers monthly, but developing those schedules takes time. Using the Spiro Assistant, the team is proactively reminded at the right time to schedule these meetings as part of their process, leaving more time for selling. 

4. Build Strong Customer Relationships with Proactive Order Alerts

A common use case for Spiro’s AI Engine in manufacturing is leveraging the AI to monitor fulfillment status against orders and to proactively alert the right team member when anything is delayed. Teams can proactively reach out to customers when their orders may be late, maintaining positive relationships.

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Like many in the space, one Spiro customer that makes custom parts for trucks had a significant number of their orders shipped late due to the supply chain disruptions. To keep their customers updated and manage expectations, they are now using Spiro’s AI Engine to proactively alert account executives to production issues that could delay orders. By automating this process, they no longer need to waste time with internal meetings to manually review this information, which means they can spend more time with customers. 

Spiro is on a mission to kill CRM for the supply chain. To learn more about how manufacturers, wholesalers, and distributors are using Spiro’s AI Engine to improve customer relationships and increase revenue, contact our sales team today.